Camper Success and Inclusion In Summer Camp | NJ Summer Camp - Eagle’s Landing

Camper Success Program

Eagle's Landing Day Camp gives all children an opportunity to succeed. We welcome any and all campers with additional needs who can succeed in a total inclusion experience. We have great success with children with a wide range of developmental disabilities including ASD, ADHD, OCD, Anxiety, Downs Syndrome, challenging behaviors, and physical disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, sight/hearing impairment, etc. Our goal is for these campers to be successful in our extraordinarily supportive world alongside all other campers, just as they will in life.

Inclusion Program

When families indicate to us that their child has any type of support plan at school, our Inclusion Team will reach out to discuss details of your child’s unique challenges and relate that to their possible enrollment and attendance at Eagle's Landing. Tammy Calefato, our Inclusion Director and Behaviorist, is responsible for all aspects of the Inclusion Program. Tammy and her team can be reached at with any questions or concerns.

Intake Process for Prospective Campers

If deemed necessary by our Inclusion Team, you will be advised and required to complete the following:

  • Provide the summary page from your child’s most recent IEP.
  • Ensure that the Educator Release Form and Teacher Questionnaire are completed and returned to us for review prior to enrollment.
  • Schedule an Intake meeting with our Inclusion Team so we can get to know you and your child. At this meeting, we will meet with you to discuss your child’s challenges, while also spending time with your child to get an idea of how they would succeed at camp.
  • If your child receives additional services in or out of school, we may ask permission to contact them for more information. For example, if you child has a behaviorist, it would be very helpful to discuss positive tools used for helping your child meet their goals and adapt to camp life.
  • Summer Success Plan

    Once all the necessary steps have been completed, the Inclusion Team develops a detailed Summer Success Plan, aspects of which will be shared with the administrators and any staff who will be working with your child if you enroll. This plan may include the need for additional staff for support to enable your child to succeed to the best of his/her ability.

    Campers are placed in groups according to gender and developmental age along with their typical peers. Groups are supervised by an adult Division Leader and 1 or 2 teenage counselors, and activities are led by experienced adults. “Additional support” would mean additional staff beyond these typical parameters.

    Support staff are trained and uniformed just like the rest of our staff - they are part of our Eagle's Landing staff and hired after a thorough reference and background check. They are trained to be as stealthy as possible in their attention to your child, with the goal of seamless inclusion. Support staff are a veritable “safety net” to ensure that campers understand direction, engage in social relationships in an appropriate manner, and navigate to and from activities on our 20-acre campus.

    The level of support is determined through a review of the intake interview, IEP, Teacher Questionnaire and CABS reports, and any outside information if applicable.

    At Eagle's Landing Day Camp, we are able to provide the following levels of support:

    Inclusion Buddy
    The mid-level of support, for campers that generally just need a helpful hand.
  • Assists camper in making friends and being involved in the group.
  • Assists camper with reinforcement/reward charts.
  • Ensures camper understands their schedule to the best of their ability, frequently can review it with the campers, and safely gets to and from activities in a timely fashion.
  • Assists camper with the lunch process, while keenly aware of food allergies and/or restrictions.
  • Assists camper at swim activities.
  • Supports camper in elective and group activities so they can be as inclusive and successful as possible.
  • $200 per week surcharge.
  • Inclusion Shadow (18 years+ with Special Ed. college degree and/or related experience)
    Moderate level of support with a more mature/experienced staff able to work with more challenging situations.
  • All of the above responsibilities of the regular Inclusion Counselor.
  • Uses more extensive positive reinforcement tools to redirect your camper’s behavior. (ex. sticker chart with rewards)
  • Able to swiftly remove your child from an area causing frustration or precipitating acting-out behavior.
  • Able to take your child to a specific “quiet space” to regroup and refocus.
  • Engage your child in alternate activities during long wait times or when an activity is too challenging.
  • Offers additional support in the changing room before and after swimming; and provides toileting reminders, and clothing assistance.
  • $365 per week surcharge.
  • Tammy and her team can be reached at with any questions or concerns.