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Work at Eagle's Landing

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We are always looking for motivated, fun people to join our amazing staff. Eagle's Landing is a day camp in Central New Jersey, so you should live within bus or driving distance of the camp. We are not a sleep-away and there are no sleeping facilities at the camp.

▪ If you are currently in 9th grade or below, then you are too young to work at ELDC and you should enroll as a camper. Click here to learn more about our Trip, LIT, and CIT Programs.
▪ If you are currently in 10th grade you may apply be a Junior Counselor.
▪ If you are currently in 11th grade or older you may be a Counselor or Instructor.
▪ Teachers are always welcome!

Here's our staff describing what it's like to work at Eagle's Landing:

Still interested? Take the quiz below to determine if you’re ready to work at Eagle’s Landing. If you can answer “yes” to all 10 questions below, then you should be working with us this summer!

I am a responsible and flexible person.
I like having weekends and evenings off.
I look forward to being a role model to children.
I love being outdoors and "a little sweat" never hurt anyone.
I am open to being trained on how to better myself and my abilities to work with children.
I am available for the entire 8-week camp season and can work all 39 days.
I enjoy a good challenge and I work well with others.
I am a positive person and I like to help others to be positive as well.
I can be silly and have fun just like the campers, when the time is right.
I have a great work ethic and I like to problem solve instead of creating problems.